First we eat, then we do everything else. Buon Appetito!
Tre Stelle Recipe Gallery
These adorable and cheesy baked eggs are perfect for breakfast or brunch!
Salty and tangy with the bite of red pepper flakes, a noteworthy Greek classic!
A wildly different take on a heathy salad – the feta cheese is the ingredient that brings the edamame and kale together making this a great salad to make ahead of time and pack for lunches and snacks.
Try some crisp crumbles of bacon or pancetta before baking. Or, add a decadent finish ~ drizzle with truffle oil before serving!
Lasagna is Italy’s perfect casserole. Nothing beats this classic lasagna
recipe that is sure to become a family favourite.
Take this all-star crab cake recipe and make it a superstar burger. The mildness of the melted mozzarella works well with the spicy chipotle mayonnaise.
A classic Sicilian dish of stuffed Arborio rice balls filled with mozzarella and various delicious bids of fillings. Italian comfort food at it’s best.
We’ve switched up the traditional cream cheese frosting with Mascarpone which is naturally richer and sweeter.
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