The following recipes are made using Tre Stelle® Montasio
Expand your Italian cheese experience with this delightful, flavour-packed Montasio- polenta dish
Tre Stelle® Montasio Polenta DiamondsTre Stelle® Montasio Polenta Diamonds
The nutty overtone of this somewhat fruity cheese balances perfectly with the radicchio in this stunning summer salad.
Radicchio Salad with Shaved Tre Stelle® MontasioRadicchio Salad with Shaved Tre Stelle® Montasio
A recipe packed with whimsy and flavour!
Tre Stelle® Montasio ‘First Apple in the Garden’Tre Stelle® Montasio ‘First Apple in the Garden’
Montasio cheese is also great in grilled cheese sandwiches and fondues!
Tre Stelle® Montasio SoupTre Stelle® Montasio Soup
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