Katrina started off as a graphic designer, and one that preferred grabbing dinner out, rather than cooking. She originally started her food blog as a way to keep track of the recipes she found and loved, but when she gave up her day job, and the salary that went along with it to be a stay at home Mom, Kitchen Trials turned into a passionate quest to make and eat great tasting food at home.

Katrina’s hunger for all things delicious has her always open to trying new things and experiences, something she strives to pass along to her three kids. When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find her in the backyard by the grill, at the drive-in movie theater, or chasing after one of her kids at the playground. Inside the house, she’s always trying to find a new DIY project to tackle, or another cookbook to add to her ever growing collection.

Katrina shares every delicious bite she makes with her husband Bo, and their three kids, Oliver, Anna, and Sophie.

Visit Katrina’s blog at: www.kitchentrials.com.

Katrina’s Favourites
Cooking Ingredient: Salt! The biggest turning point in my cooking was learning how to season properly with salt. Under seasoned food always tastes bland, no matter how well you cook it.

Meal: Chicken wings, and really good fries, with a cold beer. Probably because it reminds me of all the hockey games I’ve watched from the couch with Bo. Bonus points if there are a bunch of different sauces and dry rubs to try.

Course: Appetizer. Probably unexpected, I know, but if the appetizer is delicious, it always sets the tone for the rest of the meal for me (I LOVE calamari fried up with jalapeno peppers and a spicy thai dipping sauce!)

Kitchen Tool: A good, really sharp knife.

Restaurant: Copacabana!! It’s a Brazillian rodizio style steakhouse where they cut unending amounts of delicious meats right off the spit onto your plate. Plus, the music is loud, the atmosphere’s dark, and there’s dancers on the weekend. Such a fun date night out!

Foodie City: Paris, even though I’ve never been. My entire bucket list basically consists of a tour of Paris, starting each morning off with the first baguette out of the bakery, and trying a macaroon at every pastry shop in the city.

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