Laura D’Amelio is a writer, editor and content strategist living in Toronto, Canada, with 12+ years of experience freelancing for Canadian and international publications. She is currently eating, and writing, her way through her family’s Italian recipes.

Recognized for both her fiction and nonfiction writing, Laura also explores Italian-Canadian lifestyles through articles, photos and recipes she posts on her popular website; This site was featured as one of Lidia Bastianich’s “Favourites” and placed third in the 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Laura’s Favourites
Cooking Ingredient: Cheese
Meal: Pasta with rapini and parmigiana
Course: Dinner
Kitchen Tool: Wooden spoon
Restaurant: Any authentic Thai restaurant
Foodie City: Montreal


Posts by Laura D’Amelio

Tre Stelle Random Acts Of Cooking

When the Christmas season approaches I get all excited about two things: cookies and surprises. Well, actually three: snow too! So when I had the opportunity to think of a new recipe for this Christmas, I knew I could roll all three of these holiday joys into one package. Ricotta Snowball Surprises! First the cookie. … Continue reading “Tre Stelle Random Acts Of Cooking”

Cooking 101: Easy, Cheesy, Grab-and-Go Snack Cups

It’s time to fall back into meal planning! With school coming up, and extra activities being planned, I’m struggling to get a handle on schedules, meals, and snacks to help along the way. Being Italian, my snacks usually fall into the Italian comfort variety and that can largely include cheese. In fact, Ricotta with a … Continue reading “Cooking 101: Easy, Cheesy, Grab-and-Go Snack Cups”

Happy 150th Canada! Let’s celebrate with food!

The height of summer, when the cicadas are humming, the breeze is hot, and the local fruits and vegetables are overflowing from your fridge: that’s my favourite time of year. And this year, the buzz around summer and Canada Day in particular has been loud and clear. It’s Canada’s 150th birthday! Sure, there are plenty of … Continue reading “Happy 150th Canada! Let’s celebrate with food!”

Making plans for a colourful March Break

Life with kids is full of colour – whether that’s the crayons you find under the couch or the active days of imagination and laughter. And that seems to double during March Break. It’s always good to plan for some downtime and some activities to keep the kids busy. And usually, I find myself gravitating towards … Continue reading “Making plans for a colourful March Break”

Raspberry Ricotta “Strudel” in time for Entertaining

Finger foods go hand in hand with the holidays – my favourite meals start with a platter of finger foods, move on to shared family mains with everyone passing plates and laughing, and end with a fancy dessert. What’s a dead giveaway that a dessert is fancy? It comes to you plated (rather than grabbing … Continue reading “Raspberry Ricotta “Strudel” in time for Entertaining”

Simply Back to School

There’s this buzz in the air by late summer. It’s the sound of families trying desperately to enjoy those last few days of wonderful weather mixed with the busy hum of grocery and stationary stores stocked with back to school basics. It’s the kind of buzz that gets you a little excited, but also can … Continue reading “Simply Back to School”

Long Weekend Family Fun

Long Weekend Living Three days. No work. Just play. Long weekends are definitely something to look forward to. But sometime around Thursday night I always find my brain racing – how should I spend the weekend? Should I have planned something elaborate? Usually, the answer is no. What I’ve learned from those last-minute panic attacks … Continue reading “Long Weekend Family Fun”