There’s nothing more inspiring than a trip to a farmer’s market. So, today I decided to go on an adventure to my local Farmer’s Market with the goal of creating an entire meal using ONLY local produce and Tre Stelle Cheese!

The great thing about the Farmer’s Market is the variety of shapes and colours found amongst the cornucopia of fresh produce. After a great conversation with a local farmer, I picked up this neat looking tomato because of the shape, and to be honest, you can never go wrong with the flexibility and texture of a tomato. I just need to find something to go with it…

As I perused the stalls filled with nature’s bounty, I came across a booth of bees! Yep, a team of little workers creating one of nature’s sweetest treats.

Temptation won me over as I couldn’t say no. Besides, honey goes perfectly with Tre Stelle® Ricotta!

And as luck would have it, right next door to the honey was this delicious selection of apples!

Ricotta + Honey + a slice of apple = dessert…Now, on to the appetizer! And I couldn’t forget about how I was going to use that quirky tomato.

This wouldn’t be a farmer’s market without corn!  Yes corn, the corner stone of harvest season.

Grilling corn is a great way to release its natural sweetness and after topping it with some fresh herbs and Feta, I’d have the perfect appetizer.

Starter… Check!… Dessert… Check! Now what could I pick up to create a main course full of fresh flavours?

Just then, I was stopped by a basket cradling 10 types of peppers, each displaying unique shapes and colours. I was looking for something with a little bite so I chose these anaheim peppers. The heartiness of the pepper’s skin lends perfectly to grilling

To kick it up a notch, I thought I’d stuff them with Tre Stelle Bocconcini, chorizo sausage, and fresh herbs – The perfect combination of flavours to showcase in my main course.

Looking into my basket, I realized all that was left to solve, was what to do with that tomato? I knew I’d have a few bocconcini balls left over…and that’s when it hit me! Less is more, the tomato didn’t need anything but some Tre Stelle Bocconcini and fresh Basil. Voila! the perfect caprese that would tie the meal together.

When I returned home, bounty in hand, all I had to do was fire up the grill, mix a few ingredients together, and there it was!  The perfect meal made entirely from farmer’s market produce and Tre Stelle Cheese!

Inspiration is all around us, especially in the exciting atmosphere of your local farmer’s market. So, get out there and give it a shot for yourself. Everything you need to compliment your favorite Tre Stelle® cheese is closer than you think.

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