Dog days of Summer


It’s official, Summer is too short!

Doesn’t it feel like Summer is here and gone in a flash?  Particularly when you start planning by weekends, it really does fly by.  Luckily there are still a few weeks to take advantage of Summer before the kids go back to school.  Let’s get out there and enjoy it!

DSC_0286Outdoors activities:

Sunny summer days are best spent outdoors.  Grab the sunscreen, shades, flip flops and leave the hand held games behind!

Themed picnics are fun for the whole family.  We made one of ours a beach theme!  I made a Hawaiian French bread pizza using grilled pineapple, ham and pre sliced Tre Stelle Cheese and brought along paper umbrella’s for our drinks.  Even if you just picnic in the front yard, a fun theme makes it even more special!

Visiting a number of playgrounds in town is a good chance to check out the competition.  We have half a dozen playgrounds to explore, each school offering something just a little different than the rest.

A trip to a Spray park on a hot day is just what the family needs.  Chances are there will be lots of kids to play and who knows, maybe the ice cream truck will show up!

Grab the marshmallows, sleeping bags and a tent and hit the backyard.  Camping in your own yard is much easier to plan than a typical campout and everyone will appreciate the convenience of having a bathroom close by.

Load the car, grab the dog and hit the road!  Crank some tunes and head somewhere fun.  The river or lake is our go-to.  Whether you plan your destination or just see where the road takes you, don’t forget the snacks!  (Tip: Fill a cooler with some Tre Stelle Stawberry Kiwi Smoothies.  They not only taste great, but they are high in protein and will help curb hunger cravings for those long roadtrips)

Indoor activities:

There is bound to be a few rainy days here and there. Take ad
vantage of a gloomy day to get organized or teach a few new tricks in the kitchen.

Host a cooking lesson! If your kids are getting to the age where they can help out more in the kitchen, this is a great time to teach some new skills.  Check out these five great recipes you can make with your kids.