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Climate and Nature-Friendly Food Youth Program

Supporting affordable, sustainable and healthy food choices amongst Canada’s youth

Stronger People, Stronger Planet

Tre Stelle® is committed to supporting climate and nature friendly food choices that celebrate bio-diversity. Our food choices play a critical role in the health of our planet. When we all eat responsibly, everyone benefits – the planet included.

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Share your sustainable recipes and behaviors below to win!

Multiple winners from coast-to-coast!

Prize Details Rules and Regulations

How to Enter

Upload your favourite recipes to showcase your commitment to choosing climate and nature-friendly foods.

How To Win

Your entry will receive a score out of 100 based on the following criteria:

  1. The sustainability of your recipe ingredients: 50 points
  2. Your sustainability story (video): 25 points
  3. Your recipe’s taste appeal: 25 points
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All submissions will be reviewed and judged by these top sustainability and bio-diverse experts:

Danny Smiles

Executive Chef and Manager, Auberge Willow Inn

Samiya Rashmi

Acting Board Member, Zero Waste Canada

Melissa Schweyer

Sustainability Writer & Communicator

Ryan Dyment

Co-Executive Director, EcoSchools Canada

Eric Elmhirst

President and CEO, Arla Foods Canada (Tre Stelle)

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Impact Categories that contribute to Climate and Nature Friendly Food

Climate and nature friendly food is about more than just the food! It’s about how the food is produced, distributed, packaged and consumed. Categories for consideration include:


Made in Canada / nearby.

Low to No Waste

Compostable, recyclable.


Good for you, good quality ingredient.

Ecologically Responsible

Climate friendly, bio-diverse.

Fair and Accessible

Easy access for all at affordable prices.

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Enter to Win!

Have your ingredients and recipe ready and familiarize yourself with the sustainability criteria above

OK… You’re Ready to Go!

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1 Your Information

Please follow the instructions provided for each step to enter:
*Note, if you are under 13 years of age, a parent must submit on your behalf


2 Your School
Please use full name of school, not short forms: exp: Elizabeth B Phin, not EB Phin


3 Your Recipe

Recipe ingredient


Note: We’re getting you started by selecting all that apply for Tre Stelle®.


Recipe Description

In your video, please showcase your recipe, highlight how it’s sustainable, share your sustainable behaviours relating to your food choices, and tell us what you would do with the prize money.

We encourage you to share a video so the judges can see first-hand your commitment to sustainable food choices. However, if you’re unable to submit a video, please write your sustainable story here, telling us about your recipe, behaviours, and how you’ll use the cash prize! Include photos if you can.

Congratulations, your submission has been received.