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Antipasti with Tre Stelle® Bocconcini

Antipasti with Tre Stelle® Bocconcini

Bocconcini's love the flavour of Italy when paired with sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, basil, garlic and olive oil. Great as a snack on the go, in lunches or served as a casual appetizer.

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Ready In:
30 minutes or less
Makes 4 to 6 servings
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2 tubs | 200 g Tre Stelle® Bocconcini, drained and cut in half [200 g each] 1 jar | 340 g roasted red peppers, drained and chopped 1/4 cup | 50 mL sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil, drained and finely chopped 1 clove garlic minced 1/4 cup | 50 mL fresh basil, finely chopped 2 tbsp | 25 mL olive oil salt and pepper to taste fresh basil leaves for garnish


Place Bocconcini in bowl; add remaining ingredients and stir until mixture is combined. Let rest in refrigerator one hour (or longer) before serving. Garnish with basil and serve.

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