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Tre Stelle® Green Bean and Potato Salad with Mint and Basil Pesto

Tre Stelle® Green Bean and Potato Salad with Mint and Basil Pesto

Green beans are wonderful when prepared with a little mint and basil, even better when made with fresh new potatoes and a Grana Padano pesto!

Prep Time:
35 minutes
Ready In:
1 hour or less
Makes 4 servings
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1 clove garlic 1 tsp | 5 mL coarse salt 10 fresh basil leaves, rinsed and stemmed 10 fresh mint leaves, rinsed and stemmed 1 tbsp | 15 mL freshly grated lemon zest ½ cup | 125 mL Tre Stelle® Grana Padano Cheese, grated 1/4 cup | 50 mL extra virgin olive oil 1 lb | 454 g small new potatoes pinch of salt 1 lb | 454 g fresh green beans, rinsed and stemmed shavings of Tre Stelle® Grana Padano for garnish if desired


Place garlic and salt into a food processor and pulse until blended. Add the basil, mint, lemon zest, Tre Stelle® Grana Padano and olive oil and continue to pulse until smooth. Place the potatoes in a medium saucepan, cover with cold water, add a pinch of salt and bring to a boil. Boil for approximately 15 minutes until they are 2/3 done. Add the green beans and boil until both beans and potatoes are just cooked, approximately 7 more minutes. Remove from heat, plunge into cold water and drain. Slice the potatoes if desired, leaving their skins on; place in a large bowl with green beans. Spoon pesto onto potatoes and beans and stir to combine. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Best served if taken out of the refrigerator and brought to room temperature before serving. Top with shavings of Tre Stelle® Grana Padano if desired.

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