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Lentil, kale and Feta salad

Perfect for entertaining, this hearty winter salad stars lentils brightened with the tang of feta.

Prep Time:
20 minutes
Ready In:
30 minutes or less
Serves 6
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1 cup | 250 mL dried brown lentils 2 tbsp | 30 mL olive oil 1/4 tsp | 1 mL mustard seeds 1/4 tsp | 1 mL cumin seeds 1 tsp | 5 mL garam masala Salt and freshly ground pepper 1 medium lemon, zest and juice (optional) 2 large kale leaves, chopped 1 cup |250 mL cherry tomatoes, halved 1/4 cup |60 mL roasted cashews 1 small red onion, finely chopped 1 cup | 250 mL crumbled Tre Stelle Feta


In a saucepan, bring lentils and 8 cups (2 L) water to a boil. Reduce heat to low and cook for 45–60 minutes or until tender. Drain and let cool. To make salad dressing, heat oil on medium heat in a skillet. Cook mustard and cumin seeds, garam masala, salt and pepper for 15 seconds. Let cool and add lemon zest and juice, if desired. In a large bowl, toss to combine lentils, kale, cherry tomatoes, cashews, onion, Feta and salad dressing. Serve.

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Created by: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Cheese: Feta

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