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Tre Stelle® Montasio ‘First Apple in the Garden’

Tre Stelle® Montasio ‘First Apple in the Garden’

A recipe packed with whimsy and flavour!

Prep Time:
20 minutes
Ready In:
30 minutes or less
Makes 6 Servings
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1 large golden apple (like Crispin or Golden Delicious), peeled and cut into 1/4” cubes 120 g| 3/4 cup celery, cut into ¼” cubes 180 g Tre Stelle® Montasio Cheese, cut into 1/4”cubes 120 g prosciutto, cut into ¼” cubes 1 lemon, juiced Fresh ground black pepper 60 g | 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 6 large red apples (like Courtland or MacIntosh) 2 medium Granny Smith apples 18 thin slices of prosciutto


For the ‘garden’ In a medium bowl, add cubes of golden apple, celery, Montasio Cheese and prosciutto. Add lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper and olive oil; stir to combine. Equally divide 6 portions onto the centre of 6 salad plates; set aside. For the ‘filled apples’ Cut the tops off of the red apples to make a lid. Using a tablespoon and without breaking the skin, remove the insides of the apple; discard insides. Cut, peel and core the Granny Smith apples and cut each apple into 6 equal segments. Wrap each segment in prosciutto and place 3 wrapped segments into each of the 6 red apples and place ‘apple lids’ on top.

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