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Tre Stelle® Piave Pesto Primavera 

Tre Stelle® Piave Pesto Primavera 

Pesto is super-convenient no-cook sauce for an uncomplicated meal. Piave is substituted for Parmesan Cheese in this recipe and adds a nut-free nutty flavour! 

Prep Time:
30 minutes
Ready In:
1 hour or less
Makes 4-6 servings
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1 1/2 cups | 275 mL fresh basil leaves, stems removed 1 tsp | 5 mL salt 2 garlic cloves 1/2 cup | 75 mL pine nuts | or walnuts 1/4 cup | 50 mL Tre Stelle® Piave Cheese, grated finely 3/4 cup | 175 mL olive oil 2 tbsp | 25 mL table cream 3 medium new potatoes, quartered lengthwise 1 medium zucchini, sliced into thin strips with a vegetable peeler 1 handful of fresh green beans 1 | 350g package, fresh pasta, preferably papardelle noodles


Place basil, salt and garlic in a food processor; pulse on/off until blended. Add pine nuts and cheese alternately while drizzling olive oil through intake tube. Once finely blended add cream and refrigerate until ready to use. Boil potatoes until fork tender, approximately 10 minutes. During last 2 minutes of boiling add green beans and zucchini. Remove from heat and drain. Meanwhile in a large pot of boiling salted water add pasta and cook until al dente. Drain and return pasta to pot; add 1/2 of the pesto, stir; add potatoes and beans. Stir gently to coat and serve with remaining pesto.

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