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Tre Stelle® Feta Power Box

Tre Stelle® Feta Power Box

Fresh, delicious, and perfectly portable. A nutrition packed power box made with crumbles of Tre Stelle« Feta Cheese and an assortment of fresh veg and grains, topped with a refreshing lemon-based Greek-style dressing. Enjoy!

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Ready In:
30 minutes or less
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3 tablespoons Tre Stelle Feta Cheese, crumbled 3-4 small cucumber slices or cubes ┬╝ cup chickpeas 2 tbsp guacamole or 3 slices of avocado 1 tbsp sliced black olives ┬╝ cup cooked grains like quinoa or brown rice, cooked and cooled 3 cherry tomatoes, cut in halves 2-3 slices of grilled veg like zucchini, red onion and mushrooms (optional) Simple Greek dressing Fresh herbs like basil and mint Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Place quinoa/rice and all of the veg in sections in a small container; top with Feta, dressing and fresh herbs. Refrigerate or keep cool until ready to use. Greek Style Dressing: 2 tsp red or white wine vinegar, the juice of a ┬Ż lemon, 1 tsp of dried oregano, pinch of garlic power, ┬╝ cup olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place all ingredients in a jar and shake, shake, shake. Makes 4 servings.

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